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Post  Sve?ias on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:02 pm find faster press-
"ctrl + f "and write the name you need =)
Monster Name ↓ Level ↓ HP ↓ Class ↓ Element ↓ Weak Against ↓ Item Drops ↓ Location ↓
Forest Kuku Egg 1 83 Commoner Wood Metal Tangerine, Animal Fat, Sugarcane, Iron Arrow Eversun North, Eversun South

Pupu 2 115 Commoner Non-Elemental None Wild Hide, Sugarcane, Scroll, Lotus Seed Eversun North, Eversun South

Giant Moth 4 152 Dancer Fire Water Vine Rope, Tangerine, Voodoo Poison Bug Eversun North, Eversun South

Flying Pupu 5 233 Commoner Non-Elemental None Iron Arrow, Hemp Rope, Sugarcane Eversun North, Eversun South

Hedgehog 6 225 Dancer Non-Elemental None Lotus Seed, Sugar, Iron Arrow Eversun North, Eversun South

Baby Bow-Wow 7 332 Commoner Metal Fire Hemp Rope, Wild Dog Gang Badge, Bolt from the Blouse Eversun North, Eversun South

Wild Pupu 8 388 Commoner Earth Wood Wild Pupu Bone (quest), Sugar, Pupu Feather, Iron Arrow Eversun North, Eversun South

Forest Kuku Papa 9 447 Commoner Water Earth Soybean, Red Silk, Frog Eversun North, Eversun South

Glob 9 581 Commoner Earth Wood Iron Arrow, Wobbly Jelly, Sugar The Well (Eversun Subway)

Batling 10 709 Commoner Water Earth Scroll, Red Silk Thread, Guano The Well (Eversun Subway)

Bad Baby Bow-Wow 10 600 Martial Artist Metal Fire Bad Baby Bow Wow Bone (quest), Wild Dog Gang Badge, Voodoo Poison Bug, Vine Rope Eversun North, Eversun South

Pure White Pupu 10 545 Commoner Non-Elemental None Pupu Paper Swan Lake Basin

Lil' Dairy Pu 10 545 Commoner Non-Elemental None Sugar, Frog, Pupu Feather Swan Lake Basin

Pink Pitcher Plant 11 643 Blademaster Wood Metal Vine Whip, Red Silk Thread Swan Lake Basin

Golden Glob 11 1929 Commoner Earth Wood Voodoo Poison Bug, Wobbly Jelly, Hemp Rope The Well (Eversun Subway)

Forest Kuku Mama 11 643 Commoner Water Earth Frog, Red Silk Thread, Cypress Wood Eversun North, Eversun South

Wild Flying Pupu 12 741 Commoner Earth Wood Bear Wood Carving, Beast Fang, Scroll Eversun North, Eversun South

Zombie 12 741 Commoner Metal Fire Scroll, Liquid Rubber, Cow Cord, Zombie Charm (quest) Eversun North, Town Hall Basement (Eversun Subway)

Pearly Tadpole 12 915 Shaman Water Earth Brewers Yeast, Sugarcane, Pacifier, Frog The Well (Eversun Subway)

Oak Hole Kuku 12 741 Commoner Wood Metal Liquid Rubber Eversun North

Tree Hole Kuku 12 741 Commoner Wood Metal Cypress Wood Eversun North

Demonic Zombie 13 1091 Hunter Metal Fire Ancient Copper Coin, Bag of Ash Eversun North

Deep Fried/Pickled/Smoked Zombie (trio) 13 1091 (x3) Hunter Metal Fire Ancient Copper Coin, Cow Cord Eversun North

Grape Glob 13 2517 Commoner Fire Water Iron Arrow, Sugar, Wobbly Jelly Town Hall Basement (Eversun Subway)

Dairy Pu Mama 13 797 Fencer Non-Elemental None Pacifier, Hemp Rope, Soybean, Bolt from the Blouse Swan Lake Basin

Orange Whipping Grass 14 937 Blademaster Wood Metal Cow Cord, Scroll, Vine Whip Swan Lake Basin, Copperhorn Mountain, Blakatoa

Giant Rat 14 1218 Merchant Metal Fire Vine Whip, Frog, Beast Fang Town Hall Basement (Eversun Subway)

Lonely/Nosy Zombie (duo) 15 1124 (x2) Fencer Metal Fire N/A Eversun North

Dairy Pu Dada 15 1538 Hunter Non-Elemental None Divine Handbell, Pacifier, Beast Fang, Voodoo Poison Bug, Pupu Feather Swan Lake Basin

Greedy Rat 16 1331 Dancer Metal Fire Beast Fang, Ancient Copper Coin, Soybean, Frog Farrell Family Crypt

Little Eye 17 1704 Shaman Metal Fire Scroll, Brewers Yeast, Burial Band Farrell Family Crypt

Sombre Zombie 19 2174 Musician Metal Fire Iron Arrow, Spider Thread, Snakeskin Farrell Family Crypt

Male Vampire Bat 19 2065 Witch Doctor Water Earth Beast Fang, Winged Coronet, Bats Blood, Bolt from the Blouse Canute Canal
Pearly Frog 20 2555 Musician Water Earth Pearly Frogspawn, Frog, Itching Powder Canute Canal

Giant Rats Little/Big Brother (duo) 20 1867 (x2) Fencer Metal Fire N/A Town Hall Basement (Eversun Subway)

Giant Hedgehog 20 1867 Fencer Earth Wood Black Spider Juice, Embroidered Handkerchief, Voodoo Poison Bug

Noddy Stone 21 2089 Mercenary Earth Wood Scroll, Cotton Cloth Placid Plains

Chestbeater 21 2173 Dancer Earth Wood Voodoo Poison Bug, Snakeskin, Chicken Stock Canute Canal

Man-Eating Marigold 22 2217 Blademaster Wood Metal Itching Powder, Iron Arrow, Vine Whip Placid Plains

Blighted Blue Butterfly 22 200 Doctor Non-elemental None NA Grassgreen Square

Female Vampire Bat 22 2738 Shaman Water Earth Bats Blood, Scroll, Bat Wing, Apron Canute Canal

King Size Kuku Egg 22 2882 Commoner Non-elemental None Itching Powder, Iron Arrow, Weightgain 2000 Phoenix Tower

King Size Kuku Papa 23 3258 Hunter Non-elemental None Weightgain 2000, Cotton Cloth, Bolt from the Blouse Phoenix Tower

Bow-Wow Bum 23 2506 Commoner Non-elemental None Chicken Stock, Bag of Ash Placid Plains

King Size Kuku Mama 24 3439 Musician Fire Water Embroidered Handkerchief, Conch Shell, Bag of Ash, Phoenix Tower

Hulu Bamboo 24 2646 Commoner Wood Metal Apron, Black Spider Juice, Scroll Giantwood Forest, Placid Plains

Male Bird of Paradise 25 8367 Merchant Fire Water Bat Wing, Chicken Stock, Iron Arrow Phoenix Tower

Deadly Daisy 25 400 Doctor Non-elemental None Deadly Daisy Dust Grassgreen Square

Premier Pupu 25 3068 Martial Artist Earth Wood Weightgain 2000, Wolfskin, Iron Arrow Placid Plains

Bonkers Bow-Wow Bum 26 2789 Merchant Non-elemental None Chicken Stock, Frog, Charcoal Placid Plains

Fox Cub 26 2789 Fencer Metal Fire Foxy Fox's Perfume, Bat Wing, Voodoo Poison Bug Giantwood Forest

Female Bird of Paradise 26 3626 Shaman Fire Water Foxy Fox's Perfume, Charcoal, Scroll Phoenix Tower

Divine Kuku Egg 27 2933 Doctor Non-elemental None Conch Shell, Silk Cloth, Scroll Giantwood Forest

King Size Kuku King 27 4013 Mercenary Fire Water Frog, Magic Feather, Split Bamboo, Phoenix Tower

Undead Corpse 27 2778 Thief Metal Fire Cypress Wood, Guano, Scroll Swan Lake Basin

Corpse Cruncher 28 3438 Merchant Metal Fire Frog, Guano Swan Lake Basin

Forest Ladybug 28 3438 Musician Earth Wood Split Bamboo, Silk Cloth Giantwood Forest

Banana Monkey 29 3601 Hunter Wood Metal Frog, Wolfskin, Banana Giantwood Forest

Divine Male Kuku 29 3601 Commoner Non-elemental None Magic Feather, Bolt from the Blouse, Grassgreen Square

Crimson Glob 29 4213 Thief Water Earth Voodoo Poison Bug, Gunpowder, Black Spider Juice, Neptune's Temple

Withered Wisewood 30 4070 Blademaster Wood Metal Iron Arrow, Violet Gold Bellflower Giantwood Forest

Giant Turtle 30 5291 Mercenary Water Earth Frog, Violet Gold Bellflower, Conch Shell Neptune's Temple

Man-Eating Zombie 31 12745 Dancer Metal Fire Bat Wing, Scroll, Pottery Jar Neptune's Temple

Redd Foxx 31 4036 Fencer Earth Wood Wolfskin, Foxy Fox's Perfume, Iron Arrow Grassgreen Square

Stubborn Stone 32 4430 Mercenary Earth Wood Charcoal, Scroll Grassgreen Square

King Glob 32 4607 Dancer Earth Wood Wine, Split Bamboo, Frog Placid Plains, Copperhorn Mountain

Ice Zombie 33 5700 Shaman Water Earth Scroll, Pottery Jar, Charcoal Neptune's Temple

Noxious Nymphalidae 33 4385 Witch Doctor Water Earth Poisonous Fang, Voodoo Poison Bug, Puffin Pollen
Grassgreen Square

Chimera Turtle 34 5934 Fencer Water Earth Chimera Turtle Shell, Iron Arrow Darkdale Tunnel

Ivy Spirit 34 4565 Doctor Wood Metal Lacquer, Iron Arrow, Puffin Pollen Grassgreen Square, Pandora's Box
(Neptune's Temple)
Vicky, Sarah/Foxy Fox (duo) 35 1700 (x2) Commoner Fire Water NA Giantwood Forest

Divine Female Kuku 35 5355 Commoner Non-elemental None Prickly Pelt, Scroll, Magic Feather Grassgreen Square

Delicate Box 35 6961 Commoner Non-elemental None Lacquer, Gold Coin, Iron Arrow Pandora's Box (Neptune's Temple), Malachite Cavern

Ginseng Ghoul 36 6865 Doctor Non-elemental None Prickly Pelt, Essence of Florence, Voodoo Poison Bug Pandora's Box (Neptune's Temple)

Audrey Offspring 36 5559 Blademaster Wood Metal Jade Flower Orb, Lacquer Grassgreen Square, Blakatoa

Evil Eye 36 5781 Dancer Earth Wood Wolfskin, Wine, Bag of Ash Malachite Cavern

Lazy-Eyed Lizard 37 5767 Hunter Fire Water Split Bamboo, Voodoo Poison Bug, Essence of Florence Blakatoa

Moth King 37 15571 Thief Water Earth Antler, Essence of Florence, Puffin Pollen Pandora's Box (Neptune's Temple)

Mystery Mouse 38 6093 Merchant Fire Water Frog, Gold Coin, Wolfskin Pandora's Box (Neptune's Temple), Blakatoa

Empty/Greedy Chest (duo) 38 5788(x2) Fencer Non-elemental None N/A Malachite Cavern

Bandit Bow-Wow 39 5679 Thief Fire Water Pricky Pelt, Toy Bone, Bolt from the Blouse Blakatoa, Pandora's Grotto

Junior Wizard 39 7793 Wizard Fire Water Chestnut, Antler Quintuple Manor

Fairy Queen of Moths 39 8204 Musician Water Earth Bolt from the Blouse, Niter, Golden Pollen, Jade Flower Orb Pandora's Box (Neptune's Temple)

Divine Kuku King 40 33096 Witch Doctor Water Earth NA Grassgreen Square

Wicked Wisewood 40 9058 Blademaster Wood Metal Scroll, Golden Pollen, Tusk Pandora's Box (Neptune's Temple)

Kind Kid 40 8605 Wizard Non-elemental None Niter, Mysterious Components, Scroll Emperor Gang's Dungeon

Cruel Kid 40 9058 Musician Non-elemental None Cat-Teasing Stick, Iron Arrow, Laquer Emperor Gang's Dungeon

Divine Metal beast 41 10261 Wizard Metal Fire Tusk Emperor Gang's Dungeon

Divine Wood Beast 41 11241 Wizard Wood Metal Antler Emperor Gang's Dungeon

Lion Statue 41 9361 Mercenary Earth Wood Cat-Teasing Stick, Voodoo Poison Bug, Poisonous Fang Quintuple Manor

Spider Specter 41 10297 Martial Artist Earth Wood Poisonous Fang, Mysterious Components, Voodoo Poison Bug Pandora's Grotto

Fugitive 42 22314 Commoner Non-elemental None Mysterious Components, Prickly Pelt, Iron Arrow Pandora's Grotto, Canute Canal 2 (Blakatoa)

Mid-Wiz 42 9186 Shaman Fire Water Antler, Scroll, Underwear Quintuple Manor

Rainbow Trout 43 Musician Water Earth Bolt from the Blouse, Poisonous Fang, Golden Pollen Canute Canal 2 (Blakatoa)

War Wolf 43 9742 Fencer Fire Water Scroll, Chestnut, Tusk Pandora's Grotto

Male Stonefish 44 10578 Mercenary Water Earth Niter, Chestnut, Voodoo Poison Bug Canute Canal 2

Female Stonefish 45 10360 Shaman Water Earth Antler, Scroll, Underwear Canute Canal 2 (Blakatoa)

Divine Water Beast 45 11954 Wizard Water Earth Niter Emperor Gang's Dungeon

Male Stonefish Spirit 46 10675 Fencer Water Earth Fossil Ornament, Chestnut, Bag of Ash Canute Canal 2

Ghost Head 46 10675 Wizard Wood Metal Antler, Mysterious Components, Scroll Town God's Temple (East Sea Plains)

Heinous Ghost Head 47 9259 Dancer Non-Elemental None Spatula, Gold Coin, Tusk, Iron Arrow Town God's Temple (East Sea Plains)

Female Stonefish Spirit 47 9259 Dancer Non-elemental None Tusk, Frog, Quintuple Manor Keepsake Canute Canal 2 (Blakatoa)

Hardcore Stone 48 12452 Mercenary Earth Wood Mysterious Components, Niter, Scroll Canute Canal 2 (Blakatoa)

Tawny Tim 48 11829 Shaman Metal Fire Fowl Fillet, Monster Hair Town God's Temple (East Sea Plains)

Hellish Ghost Head 49 12807 Musician Fire Water Quintuple Manor Keepsake, Frog, Fossil Ornament Town God's Temple (East Sea Plains)

Raging Rat 49 12807 Merchant Fire Water Sharp Teeth, Quintuple Manor Keepsake, Iron Arrow, Gold Coin Canute Canal 2 (Blakatoa)

Menacing Minotaur Soldier 50 35164 Martial Artist Earth Wood Monster Hair, Sharp Teeth, Bolt from the Blouse Town God's Temple (East Sea Plains)

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Post  aksyssan on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:04 pm

Sticky-ed *____*

Lots of stuff, but its interesting ^_____^

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Post  Sve?ias on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:06 pm


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Post  Sve?ias on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:07 pm

You can find more at
(TOO lazy to put all the things Laughing Laughing bounce bounce Basketball cheers Laughing lol! lol! )

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Some things Empty Re: Some things

Post  aksyssan on Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:56 pm

Rofl, the super combo names are incorrect xD

I remember theres a Rabid Punch, Thunderous Thump, Cataclismic Clout and Furious Fist @____@

Theres no crap like above HAHA x3

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Number of posts : 20
Age : 24
Location : Québec
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Post  Sve?ias on Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:35 am

yup I know x3

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